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Our Trip To Juniper Manor

We recently wrote a blog post about immersive events, highlighting all the incredibly important elements that we consider when planning them for our clients. In it we mentioned that some of us were heading to a Gingerline, chambers of flavour event at Juniper Manor. This particular event was a gin fuelled dining extravaganza as they partnered up with Sipsmiths Gin.

Shrouded in mystery, a massive part of the sell of this event is the very little information they give you. Tickets sell out instantly, leaving a demand far bigger than there is a supply, making those lucky enough to nab one, like us, feeling like they were being let into an exclusive club. Which of course we were, Judith and Cecil Juniper were inviting us to their secret soiree, and we couldn’t wait!

The day finally arrived and we got our secret location text to tell us where to go. Adding to the mystery and fun of the event, it didn’t simply give you an address, it listed out the directions from a tube station, including how long you should be walking down each road. We arrived to the mystery door, located a specific number of archways down a road – a little unsure if we were in the right place.

Luckily for us – we were and we opened the door to a completely transformed paradise. Greeted as genuine guests of Juniper manor, we were given our welcome drink and told to explore the ‘house’, make ourselves at home and wait until we were called for dinner.

We took the chance to have a look around, taking the time to drink our strawberry and cream gin cocktails in the juniper baths. Each room was more extravagant than the next, filled with fountains, giant birds nest and even a roulette table.

The time came and we were called for dinner, greeted by our host and fellow diners. We were then told the tale of Judith and Cecil, how their manor came to be and given a glimpse of the journey we were about to take.

Now, a huge part of taking part in this experience is the promise to keep it a secret. Photography is strictly forbidden throughout the dining experience and we understand why – it was like nothing we had ever experienced before! Not to give too much away – we were taken on a gin-infused culinary experience through time…(and would strongly recommend you check it out)

Juniper Moon is currently sold out (although they are looking for lunch time bookings for larger groups) but we would recommend keeping an eye on the Gingerline website for any more tickets or other public immersive events!

Written by: KIN London

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