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My Jerry Maguire moment…

I started out in the event industry aged 16 as a party DJ at the infamous Black Tie Balls for North London’s under 18 year olds, over the years I ‘progressed’ to summer seasons in the clubs of Ayia Napa with the So Solid Crew & Trevor Nelson, and even corporate ABBA nights at the Grand Connaught Rooms!


In 2001 I turned my passion for helping people have a great night out into a business when I founded an event agency that brokered corporate clients into West End night clubs (who back then didn’t offer corporate hire). This business grew and as it did I began to work on bigger and more varied events for my clients.

Fast forward 9 years and in 2010 following the banking crisis I decided to it was time for a new challenge and joined one of the largest event management companies in the country as their Sales Director. For several years this was incredibly rewarding and an excellent learning experience but in early 2015 I had an epiphany…


I decided I wanted to go back to focusing on building exceptional relationships with clients, taking the time to really get to know them, and providing them with the events they wanted, not what the industry wanted to sell them. It was time to start again. To take the lessons I had learnt over the previous 15 years and create an events agency I could really be proud of. A small agency that puts its clients first. An agency that doesn’t talk about what we do, but genuinely cares about what you do, and how we can help you achieve your goals through medium of events. An agency that focuses on creating and delivering brilliant parties and experiences that I could be proud of and that I would want to attend. An agency that really cares about its clients.

That treats them like friends, better still like family. Like KIN.

Written by: KIN London

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