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In the fast paced world of events, we are constantly on the hunt for the next best thing that will leave your guests in awe. Never settling for anything less than the best, we feel the standard event will just not do anymore, move over beige dinner parties and welcome in the wonderful world of immersive events. This ever increasing style of events is introducing party-goers to experiences that appeal to all of their senses. They don’t want to just attend an event anymore, they want to experience it with every fibre of their being.

Here at KIN London, we believe there are certain elements that should not be ignored when creating an immersive event. The majority of events will focus on the main three senses – sight, taste and sound. Your event has to look great, taste even better and be accompanied by some exceptional music. We don’t stop there. To us, a fully immersive event stimulates all the senses, invigorating each one to completely enchant your guests.

For any event to be successful, the food and drink has to taste exceptional – there’s no two ways about it – but for an event to be immersive there should be more to it than just the taste. Think interesting textures or creative presentation, bubbling cocktails that spill over the rim of your glass accompanied by smoking appertisers that snap, crackle and pop in your mouth. Texture is also key to appealing to guests sense of touch, a sense that can be explored not just in the food served but also in the transformation of the venue.

You want to create a whole different world inside your event space, ensuring your guests are completely spellbound as soon as they arrive. First impressions are as important as any, guests need to be stunned by what they see when they enter. As they say, the devil is in the detail and we understand the level and importance of them, particularly when ensuring that big reveal moment guests never forget. Last but by no means least, Smell. Smell is the sense most associated with memories. So whether you want the smell of fresh Christmas trees and cooking spices to transport your guests back to their childhood homes during the holidays or you want them to experience the tropics during your summer party – filing certain areas with different smells will be their one way ticket.

In order to effectively take your guests on an encompassing journey, you need complete synchronicity of all of these factors. Don’t let that intimidate you though, we are just one quick phone call away from making all your immersive dreams come true. Get in touch!

With this type of event being a difficult feat to achieve, here are a few of our favourites going on around London we think have got it right:

Gingerline – immersive food experiences

Started in the founders kitchen as a ‘for love’ experiment, Gingerline pushes the boundaries of what people consider a normal dining experience. Emphasised as ‘out-of-this-world’ fusing together food, drink, performance and art and design, Gingerline have been known to have guests foraging for their starters in an enchanted forest or traveling through various ‘dimensions’ between courses. Emphasising the importance of mystery, photography is strictly forbidden and guests only find out the location of their event at 4pm on the day. We will be trying and testing their Juniper Manor event in November so look out for our post about that!

Alice’s Adventures Underground

The fun begins on their website where you, literally, go through a door and down the rabbit hole to get tickets. Reopened this year after its 2015 success, AAU truly transports guests to wonderland. Taking them on an adventure they remind you isn’t Alice’s anymore, but is in fact yours. Aptly situation in the vaults beneath Waterloo, this experience is based on the choices you make. Do you eat or drink? Grow or shrink? Whichever choice you make they promise you will have a ‘nonsensical’ time.

Secret Cinema

Hardly a secret anymore, Secret Cinema host some of the most anticipated events across London. Creating 360 degree participatory worlds, they have taken the event world by storm when they bring the film world to life. Creating events that range from Star Wars to Moulin Rouge, they have truly understood and executed what immersiveness is all about.  

The Prohibition Party

Encouraged to travel back in time to the roaring 20’s this event implores guests to put their morals aside and fully immerse themselves in the hedonistic delights on offer. Blurring the line between performer and audience, guests can surround themselves with notorious criminals and fun-time flapper girls, completely transporting them out of their world into the prohibition era.

Written by: KIN London

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