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The Christmas party you actually want to go to…

Each year in every office the company Christmas Party is a hot topic.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of very formulaic, boring options available. As Event Managers, we’ve all been to those bad Christmas parties, so we wanted to create a unique event, one we would actually want to go to. We asked ourselves – if we had the choice, what kind of Christmas party would we throw?  

It all starts with the venue. We’d want a big venue, in Central London with a banging sound system where we could dance late into the night, without being ushered out before midnight. Location would be key.

We’d want to steer away from the usual options. We’d think outside the box. The street food industry in London is thriving, with new markets popping up, with Londoners seeking the latest food trends in quirky locations. We thought to ourselves, imagine if we could have the best street food traders at our event. Specialists offering the finest street food London has to offer. We could have food with an oasis of flavours, served up by passionate people with worldwide culinary influences.  The best burger in London, delicious and fresh Poke, beef rendang to die for…

Now, onto the drinks. We imagined tasty, inventive cocktails made with premium small batch spirits and fresh ingredients poured by professional London bartenders. We’d want to be able to order the same quality drinks that we would find on a night out. As opposed to warm bottles of Carlsberg we were dreaming of a craft beer on tap. Decent quality wine would be on offer, not the cheapest.  

Music-wise it has to be music worthy of a proper party, hosted by a resident London DJ who takes requests, playing tunes that will get people onto the dancefloor, and a giant dance floor at that. We’d have a full sound system like you would expect in London’s best nightclubs.


This exercise opened many doors for us. It allowed us to focus clearly on what our clients are really looking for. The concept was born: Christmas Social – the Christmas party you actually want to go to.

We have teamed up with street food legends KERB to provide a Christmas Party offering with a difference. We have brought the food market concept over in event format, giving our clients their very own street food festival in an exclusive Central London venue with a late license.

This year we will will also be partnering with the charity Magic breakfast to raise awareness and funds for the thousands of school children who go without breakfast every year. For each guest in attendance at Christmas Social we will donate the cost of a breakfast.

Christmas Social is back, bigger and better than before. Key dates are remaining but selling fast. Contact me – [email protected] or call on 020 3355 8710.

Written by: KIN London

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