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Cafe De Paris Circus

Sometimes clients come to us with no real vision of what they want, other times they have a very specific idea in their minds. In either situation, we deliver.

We found ourselves facing the latter with one of our long standing clients who knew they could trust us to mould their dream into reality. There is nothing we love more than getting our creative hats on, and when this client described their Circus themed idea, we knew it was an event we could make come alive.

With any themed event, you need a venue that enhances every element. The perfect venue for us was Cafe De Paris. The element of fun already ingrained in its reputation meant guests knew they would have a memorable night event before stepping foot into the wonderland we had created.

We knew the biggest wow factor of this event had to come from the entertainment. Guests needed to be fully immersed in this sensational circus world we had created, and what better way to captivate them than through a range of acts and entertainers. Guests were greeted at the door by the circus ring master, who welcomed them with the story of all the exciting performances he had in store, encouraging them to make their way downstairs but not before collecting their welcome drinks of course! Throughout the evening the entertainment continued, with dancers and contortionists wowing guests with their performances. As the evening drew later, the more risque acts were welcomed on stage. Fire breathers were followed by live snake charmers. The pyrotechnics captivated the audience and the circus style burlesque dancers ended the show with a bang.

With food and drink flowing, guests partied into the night with a secret karaoke room and a top London DJ.

The Client said:

“I’ll be the first to admit, I am not the type to budge once I’ve got an idea in my head, but KIN took everything I said to the last detail and made it appear in front of my eyes. There was never a problem without a solution and there was never a solution that we didn’t love. They really nailed the creativity and everyone loved the event”

Cafe De Paris Circus!